Our Services
Our Sales Transformation Solutions Are Scalable to Meet Your Needs
  1. PE Due Diligence and Sales Transformation
    We are specialists in evaluating the sales function of a candidate company that PE firm are interested in. Why wait and get surprised when we can dig into the details of sales processes, the sales funnel, the sales leaders and people, and the sales CRM system and give you a "preview of coming attractions".
  2. Business to Business Sales
    Sales to businesses have gotten more complex than ever. It is rare to find a situation where there is only one person making the buying decision. Let us help you understand how to sell in this type of environment to improve your success rates. We will also evaluate the territory planning process to make sure that you are giving your sales resources every opportunity to blow their quota out of the water and bring in profits to you. Do you have complicated relationships with your business customers? Let's look at your account planning and account management processes.
  3. Helping You Sell Your Business
    We can help you, the business owner, get more money for your business by helping you demonstrate to potential buyers that you have your sales act together. The last thing a new owner wants to do is to mess around trying to fix a broken sales system. We will help you develop a sales playbook that you can show to potential buyers that will give them comfort and put them in a position to give you the best price possible for your business.
  4. Business to Consumer Sales
    Through our partnership with Mobile App Strategy we will help businesses build a mobile app that makes sense for their customer base. We do not use a cooker cutter approach. We develop a mobile app strategy with you, create the app, deploy the app and then help you improve the results of the app. We will help you deploy the mobile app of your dreams!
  5. Developing Sales Coaches
    A great sales coach helps their people rock the world of sales by coaching them on using solid sales processes. We will evaluate the routines you have for coaching Territory Management, Opportunity Management, Account Management, and Customer Interactions to help you improve sales.